For my Gateway to Journalism course, I was assigned Ecco as my client. Using Adobe InDesign, I created a table of contents and a cover page for its annual report. Additionally, I created an Infographic through Piktochart.

During my internship with MotivAction Recruiting, LLC I created a series of eye-catching graphics to engage our online audience. Due to the healthcare industry being dull at times, I wanted to spark it up with a Digital Health Infographic that demonstrates a few key facts about the industry. I also had the opportunity to create an Infographic for MotivAction’s new division, EmPower Nursing & Allied Solutions.

Using I created an infographic for my my Strategic Public Relations Communications. I used information from the U.S. Travel Association’s project, Time Off, to show my audience that American workers need to take time off. To persuade my audience, I used research from a series of studies that every American worker can relate to versus just one demographic. (Click the visual to view in PDF)


One way I built the MotivAction brand on social media was creating various graphics for engagement posts. Here are just a few that are posted on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

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