Internal Communications


Situation: I chose Starbucks Corporation to research its corporate social responsibility and come up with a campaign to further enhance one of its CSR practices.

Task: Students were assigned to write a CSR Memo as the hypothetical VP of Communications writing to the CEO. Students created a new CSR program that would not only benefit the organization, but also its employees and publics. Research was required to form an argument that benefitted both business and moral responsibility.

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Situation: I wrote a memo posing as the CEO of Walmart to notify employees of the 269 Walmart stores closing around the world. This required research of the company and previous statements from the CEO. The most important elements of this memo are voice, tone and messaging.

Task: Students were assigned to write a one-page internal memo from the CEO of Walmart informing employees of the 269 closing stores. Students were expected to implement the effective internal communication practices they learned in class. The focus was to write with a tone consistent with the company, its culture and its mission, vision and values, while also delivering compassion to the affected employees and positively addressing the business needs of the company.

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